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Just a few comments

Post by Banner » Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:26 am

I enjoyed the story quite a bit, as I'm from NY myself and have separated from my own family several decades ago (though not for any reasons as extreme as kits - we're on good terms, we just don't get along) there were some parts of the story that definitely had some strong echo's for me. I came from a well known family in my community and did have to give up quite a bit when I left.

As for the Machine guns and such, as long as you buy a $200 dollar tax stamp, the feds could care less if you have one. It's the state really that makes the decision if you may or may not have one. However, Bodyguards, especially ones from respected companies or for famous people, are usually granted exceptions when they come into a place where what they have may be illegal. They are often granted the same leeway a police officer might get. It's a rough job.
For a while I was thinking of buying a MAC10 myself, but the ammo costs are killer. Machine guns are fun, but not very practical for an average person.

What ever happened to the guy they discovered? Jahal? He just sort of disappeared without comment. (Unless I missed it?)