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Re: Kit - Chapter 32 - Spoilers

Post by Hearly » Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:21 am

I think AV is owned by Vil, why else would they react the way they did to him.

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Re: Kit - Chapter 32 - Spoilers

Post by boballab » Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:49 am

Hearly wrote:I think AV is owned by Vil, why else would they react the way they did to him.
I agree 100% that AV is owned by Vil. The thing that clinched it for me was that AV charters allowed Kit to fly their plane. Think about it that plane is a multimillion dollar investment and they have not even opened for business yet, but they were willing to allow an unknown pilot to fly it? For insurance reasons alone that should have been a no go, their insurance wouldn't cover any pilot not listed with AV charters.
Justin laughed. “We contacted the buyer, and they didn’t mind, since we’re more or less delivering it to Austin.”
He nodded. “A flight charter company here at Bergstrom, so when you’re done with it, it goes back with us to Kansas to hold it for the buyers until they’re ready for it, then it comes back here. The client already came out and saw it, but they don‘t need it yet, so they‘re letting you use it. Vil set it up.”
Yeah Vil set it up al right. :lol:

Other points are the hanger waiting list and that the Mustang AV has is the first off the Cessna line:
We live in Austin, the plane was just parked here after I took delivery,” Kit said. “I need to find hangar space for it.”
“Good luck,” Brad said with a frown. “I was on a waiting list for nearly eight months to get a Tee hangar here.”
Now do you really think Vil would let the family give Kit a plane and not think about hanger space? With Vil's money she could just buy someone else's hanger that is not a biggie for her. Then with Jessie getting a pilots license and Kit his instructor's license she saw an oppurtunity to make a business in Austin for Kit (even though she will say it's for Jessie).
And one of the airport admins says that they‘re expecting delivery of a Mustang, one of those new real small Cessna jets. That surprised me, they must have been planning opening here for a while. There‘s like a two year list for those Mustangs, they had to put the order in back in two thousand six.”
Remember Vil had that private conversion about small jets with Amanda when she went and visited Kit in Kansas. In that she said she was interested in a couple jets for "ferrying" Vulpan execs from Boston to Norfolk. To me that was a smoke screen to put to rest Kit's suspicious nature of Vil giving him a Jet gift. Also Cessna wants to badly sell Jets to Vil so bumping her to the head of the list for Mustangs (A plane that Kit said is more for rich boys then a working plane) would be part of the deal. How much you want to bet that Mustang is for Kit?
That made the Cessna execs very excited, and they talked about the Mustang CJ, and Encore models, taking her aside with Terry as they went to go tour a couple of jets they had in the hangar.
Kit would have been suspicious of that, had Vil not mentioned her interest in buying a couple of small short-range jets when she got her new Bombardier, when she was talking about how the other board members would fight over the jet she was passing down.
In this quote is also where the "clients" of AV saw the plane before Kit flew it in that first quote.
“Yeah, it can, and your four hundred actually has more range than a Mustang. If you want one, though, you’d better put down a deposit and stand in line. We have a line stretching back to two thousand ten for these little puppies. I kinda don’t like them, though.”
“Why is that?”
“Well, they fly very nice,” he said as they taxied towards the hangar. “But they’re really meant for short range recreation, a jet version of a private aircraft
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Re: Kit - Chapter 32 - Spoilers

Post by Fiferguy » Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:21 pm

Hearly wrote:I think AV is owned by Vil, why else would they react the way they did to him.
Because he's one of THOSE Vulpans. It would be like a Kennedy or a Rockefeller walking into a McDonalds in Waco, TX--just not something an average business person (or fur for that matter) would expect to see on an afternoon. And if they were brand new to town, and didn't really follow all the news, they may not have known that there was a Vulpan in Austin. So just seeing one of THOSE Vulpans in Austin was probably a surprise.

I don't think that Vil owns AV, though. Remember, it wasn't AV's plane yet. They hadn't officially taken delivery of it when Kit flew it, and so it was still Cessna's plane. So AV didn't really have a say in who could or couldn't fly the plane, since it wasn't officially theirs yet.

Anyway, just my 2¢.