A quick note about Revelation.

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A quick note about Revelation.

Post by Fel »

I'm not sure I explained this anywhere but on twitter, but for those who don't have twitter, here it is:

I apologize if Revelation seems to be starting out slowly, but there's a whole lot that has to be touched upon before the major plot of the story can begin.

Revelation won't be like most of the other arcs in this storyline. It's going to be considerably longer, as in book-length. This is, after all, the "climax" of the entire Subjugation story, with Benediction being something of an epilogue that reveals how things turn out afterwards.

So, settle in, boys and girls. Revelation is going to be a long, winding story, including two major time jumps as we go.
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Re: A quick note about Revelation.

Post by NSC »

Cool. Looking forward to it all.

Did the corrected version of Chapter 2 ever get uploaded? I don't recall seeing anything saying so.
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Re: A quick note about Revelation.

Post by baldy »

Awesome. Appreciate the heads up and thanks for all your work. Been a long ride and looking forward to more.
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Re: A quick note about Revelation.

Post by trodrian »

sounds good
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