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Post by Wolfee »

This has nothing to do with the creed of the rifleman.

Several possible versions of the quote I am trying to identify:

This one is taken, this one is mine.
But this one, this one is taken. This one is mine.

In this instance I think its a quote from maybe the DC universe or some other sci-fi. Talking about a world, a home or maybe a body. The speaker is telling a being of power to F-off because she is claiming this world, home or body as her own. Maybe from one of the Teen Titans episodes - but the only reason I think so is I just got done watching season 2 of Titans the live action series. Or it is from something else
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Re: Quotes

Post by Nate »

Didn’t she say something like this at the tail end of Captain Marvel movie? I’m probably misremembering,,,,
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