relevation 3 - discrepancy ?

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relevation 3 - discrepancy ?

Post by artreus »

our scientists are very interested in these robots you use,” he said earnestly. “The way they move, it makes it clear the technology in them may be beyond ours when it comes to robotics.”
“That’s not on the list because…it gets a little legally complicated,” he said wryly. “The technology these use isn’t considered standard technology, which is considered open for use by anyone. If you want the technology behind the bionoids, we’ll have to arrange it with the patent holder…which I think we can do. I think I can impress upon her the importance of telepathic resonance technology to the future peaceful relations of our galaxy and secure her cooperation, which would get you access to the production templates that you can use in your factories to build them almost immediately, with just a few changes to the design to adapt them to your technology. If you want the ability to produce bionoids yourself using their current technology, you’ll have to buy access to the technical data behind them from a woman named Yila Trefani. Fortunately for you, I have some amount of sway with her, and I can get her to the bargaining table. After that, it’ll be up to you to negotiate a deal with her.”
“The robots have a sense of touch?” he asked in surprise.
where in Jason's reply is it revealed that the bionoids have touch ?
This is how I read it :
-The aliens want bionoids because they move in a fluid - life like manner
-Jason explains that he doesn't own the tech, but can convince the owner to share it, and the Aliens would buy the production templates and tech data from Yila.
-Suddenly the aliens know the bionoids have touch ability ???? this wasn't mentionned to them however.
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Re: relevation 3 - discrepancy ?

Post by Fel »

Unless this chapter also got messed up, the fact that the bionoids have touch should have been mentioned earlier in that conversation.
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