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Reading Weavespinner question

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:02 am
by Kacoo
So, I am reading the start of the Weavespinner book and Jesmind has just destroyed Human Tarrins room as revenge for sleeping with Auli, and everyone is trying to stop Auli from being killed by Jesmind. My question is Why. Auli is head and shoulders above sorcerers that have been living in the tower for their lives in terms of power and skill with sorcery. I understand no one wants to hurt anyone long term and Jesmind is just in a rage, but Jesmind is the very weakest of the main character were cats, she has no magic(Jasana, Trianna and Kimmie), Nor is she an elder and super strong like Mist. Jesmind would be spanked by any magician with sufficient time, and any sorcerer with even a modicum of skill in warding or any training past mid initiate, which I am confident Auli is well past.

Im aware that Jasana might step in, or trianna but if that happens then Im sure that Auli's mother would step in and she is not a newbie sorcerer.

Is there a reason mentioned later that changes how im interpreting this.

Re: Reading Weavespinner question

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:59 am
by kyli
There are a number of factors i believe. I'll just make a list to simplify things. Forgive me if i dont remember things correctly. I havent read the books for a long time.

First, Shakar are pacifists. Auli lived a sheltered life and didn't take Jesmind seriously. Jesmind was very serious.
Jesmind isnt likely to give up and stopping her, especially with magic, would only further enrage her.
Auli may be powerful but she is just a sorcerer, not even a weavespinner.
Auli can't defend herself if she is caught by surprise and doesn't have time to use sorcery.
Jesmind may not be much of a druid, but in an enraged state, she might be able to use her small druidic ability to get past a sorcerer's wards/defences long enough to deal a killing blow.

I'd just like to note that I think you underestimate druidic magic. Triana is more than a match against any sorcerer except maybe Tarrin and Spyder. And both of them are mishara so thats an unfair comparison. ;)

Re: Reading Weavespinner question

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:33 am
by Kacoo
Thats a point that I completely forgot about Kyli, the pacafistic nature of the Sha'Kar would play a massive role in any sort of conflict(they may not be able to even recognise that Jesmind is a physical threat. On the matter of Jesminds Druidic ability, Thean who only has enough druidic ability to send and conjure cannot affect sorcerers in any meaningful way so Jesmind who only has the ability to sense magic passing by in the weave but not affect it.

Im only using Tarrin as a gauge but, he has leaps and bounds more Druidic aptitude than Jesmind and she couldn't stop the council from collaring her to bite Tarrin, and Tarrin couldn't escape the ward with the wraith even though druidic magic is almost automatic for him eg Sheba's wheel and the thief that attacked Janette's house. I took that to mean Jesmind in a magic fight is worse than useless because she has an innate vulnerability to magic. Also I was not referring to stopping Jesmind I was thinking a life and death battle in a vacuum of outside influences. As if the outside interfered you have Trianna trying to stop Jesmind and if Auli is hurt really then her mother would become angry and do something drastic like kill Jesmind and there is really only 2 people in the tower that could stop her(Trianna and Jenna and after a thousand years I doubt that she doesnt have a nice trick that works against both druids and less experienced weavespinners).

Its sadly moot cause Jasana just did something monumentally stupid where im up to and there will never be a fight :evil:

Re: Reading Weavespinner question

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:39 am
by kyli
Tarrin didnt know he had druidic ability in the first book. Even though he used it instinctively once or twice doesn't mean its inherently instinctive. If it were, that would be very very bad for druids since a druidic spell will kill you if its beyond the druids ability, and there is no stopping a spell once its begun. Druidic magic is NOT instinctive, except in the very rare cases where the druid is very closely connected to the All. I believe Triana is such a case. That is why Triana has such unbelievable self control, unlike other werecats. A stray thought from her could kill her.

As for Jesminds druidic ability, I know she can't do anything really normally, but i'm not sure about if she's in an enraged state. I might be wrong on this point.