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Telekinetic ability among the Faey

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:58 pm
by kyli
So I decided to have a little fun and start a small poll. If you've read chapter 9 of Retribution, then this poll needs no further explanation. So just pick an answer and we'll read the next few chapters to see how many of us are right. You can vote too, Fel, but it would be evil of you to ruin our fun by telling us. :wink: :twisted:

BTW, near the end of Subjugation, it says that around 12% of Faey have some telekinetic ability, although many of them can't even pick up a leaf.

Edit: sorry, the 86-99% option should be 76-99%. I can't change it now. Knowing Fel, he will now write the story so that about 80% are telekinetic so that we will all be wrong. :twisted: :twisted:
Edit: Thanks for changing it Greymist.