Neutrons Stars Collision, Fel confirmed to be Precog

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Hello World
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Neutrons Stars Collision, Fel confirmed to be Precog

Post by Hello World »

Sooooo, most of you may have heard, but it was just announced that scientists have recorded the collision of two neutron stars for the first time. In the off chance that you haven't, here is one of a bajillion articles describing the phenomenon: ... tron-stars

Anyways, I guess that confirms that Fel is an albino, ninja-santa (<- his words, not mine), Dreamer. Or the descendant of one. I, for one, welcome our new blue alien overlords.

P.S. Fel, I don't suppose you had any dreams about everybody here mostly me* winning the lottery have you?

*If I win the lottery, I will buy everybody here donuts
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Re: Neutrons Stars Collision, Fel confirmed to be Precog

Post by Wolfee »

Good Read....interesting to learn about how we currently detect grav waves.
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Re: Neutrons Stars Collision, Fel confirmed to be Precog

Post by kyli »

Well the problem I have with the collision of two free neutron stars that happened in inception is that it happened a few sectors over which means it's hundreds or probably thousands of light years away.  And the gravity ripples should have been traveling at the speed of light; in normal space at least, and should have taken hundreds, if not thousands of years to reach Karis, but it was apparently nearly instantaneous.  Just saying........
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Re: Neutrons Stars Collision, Fel confirmed to be Precog

Post by Fel »

Because in the Subjugation universe, artificially created gravity waves have the ability to move faster than light, one of of four known energy forms that do so.

Non-psionic FTL energies in the Subjugation universe:

-artificially created Gravity waves (used in gravband comm)
-massless Tachyons (used in tachyon comm)
-quantum-tunneled neutrino bursts (used in neutrino burst comm)
-chronaton particles...exceptionally rare particles of "solid time," pure temporal energy uncoupled from the curvature of space. They're the remnants left behind when dorkmonkeys start messing with time travel. And the only reason they can go FTL is because they exist outside of the time/space curve.

Notice that all four are artificially created.

The only known natural energy that is capable of FTL is psionic energy...and it doesn't actually move so much as it simply manifests at its destination. It transcends time and space in a way that scientists still don't understand.

Spatial phenomena like a spacequake can also move faster than light, because they affect space itself, not items within it. But not every spatial phenomenon does, it depends on the type and magnitude of the event. The event in Inception is an example of this. The spacequake caused by the collision was so powerful that it created a spacequake that was felt across entire sectors, and since the movement of space isn't coupled to the speed of light, it was more or less instantanteously felt across the entire area.
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