Tech integration

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Tech integration

Post by SYED » Wed Dec 09, 2015 9:10 pm

The academy allows all the races to share knowledge, want to bet it helps Kari's develop their tech? Like the alliance has great sensor tech, using their science they augemented their own. Those ion empires with their alternate tech develop would provide new views and allow them to adapt at a far greater ability. Just like how they are using the trans light drive to become extra galactic.
I think we can expect something cool from that other truly advanced race. They might be pacifists, but could their tech allow the karrinnes and kimdori really mess up the enemy. They might even help with the power source issue.
I have a cool idea, since indiction means they need to develop their stl engines, the academy could back a ship race to encourage competition and tech development. Sort of like the loop of kon groat seen in star gate.