Retribution, chapter 7, (spoilers)

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All about the Subjugation, Insurrection, and Unification books.

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Retribution, chapter 7, (spoilers)

Post by SYED » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:19 am

So instead of an assault, we will see an epic theft of the remaining dreamers. The benga are so focused on an attack, they don't see them simply being taken. Say they use benga form bodies, they could disguise them as guards and quietly have them move inmates through the portals.

Those QEC link super ships and planets right. But the central one hub has to be the capital. So what if the kimdori find where the most gathered QEC are, then plant a beacon. That would allow Jason to portal a bomb designed to knock out all those connections. Sure some ships will be linked to other ships or installations, but enough could be affected to cripple their FTL communication systems.

So in addition to the peace treaty, they will need to bet enough benga to vote for it. So that means making it apparent that stay home will make them richer than invading. Also, undermine those who are spearheading the invasion agenda. The destruction of their goods and assets is a great start. All benga must have competition/enemies, so if their standings are weakened, it would invite others to make a move.

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