while I wait for my check...again....

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while I wait for my check...again....

Post by Fel » Mon May 28, 2007 5:03 pm

Yet another blurb while taking a break from cleaning the house while waiting to go pick up my check, the planned summary for the next story.


In the lands of Kinaria, in the ancient land of Zenria, straddling the twin waterfalls of the Zen River lies the mystical Rainbow of Eternity. Legend states that if the rainbow were ever to shatter like crystal, a great calamity would befall the world.

Brought into the village as a baby, the young man everyone simply called Tanner was a strange one. Strange golden eyes, strange golden hair, strange manners, some called him cursed, some called him a monster, others called him a magician. But everyone agreed he was a young man with a secret.

He had a secret that would have given them all a heart attack.

He was a dragon.

Sent into the world of humans to learn, the juvenile gold dragon Tanner leaves the village where he began to set up his own shop and learn more about humans than what can be learned in a small village. Along the way he runs into a Chuken, a nameless warrior of great secrets from a reclusive, legendary fighting order, and his pupil, a plains elf, who have left their dojo to track down a thief who stole a priceless artifact, the original scrolls penned by Master Chu.

Tanner and the two Chuken seek out the wizard who stole the scrolls, but along the way they become embroiled in an even greater mystery to solve.

The magic is fading from the lands of Kinaria, and the wizards of the world do not understand why or how it could be happening.

Tanner, the Warrior, and Mayajanni find themselves trying to find the answer, before the magic fades from Kinaria, and the Rainbow of Eternity shatters.
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Re: while I wait for my check...again....

Post by Hearly » Mon May 28, 2007 5:09 pm

ooh, very very nice.

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Re: while I wait for my check...again....

Post by Mistra » Mon May 28, 2007 5:34 pm

does tanner know he's a dragon? And will he join this order? (sounds like it'd be a good read :D)

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Re: while I wait for my check...again....

Post by Fel » Mon May 28, 2007 6:03 pm

Yes, he knows he's a dragon from the beginning.

Some of the fun of writing the first parts of that is going to be describing what it's like to be an infant but have the mind of a teenage dragon. ;)

And no, he can't join the order. Gold dragons don't develop their psionic powers until they're adults, and he's still an adolescent, and expressed psionic power is a requirement to even become an acolyte. If you wanted to be technical, he COULD enter the order when he expressed his powers, but why would he? He's a dragon, he doesn't have to worry about finding himself or discovering inner peace.

Tanner is being sent out into the human world to learn about humans. You see, these new humans are a recent, rather unwelcome addition to lands that the dragons had always claimed as their own. They invaded just a few centuries ago and quickly multiplied like rodents, establishing entire kingdoms and settling in deeply while the dragons were still debating what to do about them. Dragons take their time about things, it's a fault that comes with a lifespan that extends thousands of years, and the busy busy busy nonstop nature of the humans quite honestly took them by surprise.

Dragons in human form don't understand humans or human customs, and the humans that settled from the lands of Kinaria, which are across the Gray Sea, are very distrustful and suspicious because of the very wild and dangerous nature of the land they're trying to settle, so they never really learn very much. The humans are just too suspicious and closed off. So, they hatched the idea of sending a young dragon to be "raised" by humans, so he could learn their customs and culture from the inside. Tanner volunteered for the job, because his mother was killed by a human army when he was still an egg, and he was raised by his "aunt" when she and her mate tried to come to the rescue, chased off the humans, and then took the surviving two eggs back. He doesn't want revenge on the humans, he just wants to understand why they would do such a thing.

His sister, the other survivor, is another story....

There have been humans on Mythara, the land where the story takes place, for a long time though. The Chuken have been there for centuries, as well as some small settlements of native tribes in the north and a few solitary wizards, but they were all humans that lived in balance with nature and the dragons and kept their polite distance. They didn't chop forests down and build big cities the way these new humans do, and it's these humans that the dragons are trying to understand, so they can approach them and work something out without having to resort to force. Even the dragons can see that if they rile these new settlers, it could invoke a response from the multitudes of humans in the lands across the sea and turn into an all-out war.

So, you see, the dragons are trying to understand the new humans that came to their lands, the ones that don't understand the nature of the continent and leave things alone. They dont' want to start a war, but things are getting pretty serious. Humans are encroaching on the personal territories of dragons, and the dragons are starting to call for immediate and direct action to stop this invasion into their ranges.

Just to give you an idea about the dragons, we'll look at Tanner. He's only fifty years old, which is barely a teenager, almost still considered a child, but his "growing up" among the humans makes him much more mature than other fifty year old Golds. He's a young adult in a child's body. In his dragon form, he's about fifteen feet long from nose to the base of his tail, and his tail is about twenty feet long. He's a very small dragon, a dragon version of a 13 year old, but when he grows up, if he lives long enough, he could get as big as Sapphire. Dragons stay very small until they're about 50, so they don't take up much room in their mother's den while she teaches them what they need to know, then they go through a massive growth spurt, gaining five times their size in just a matter of years. Tanner is right on the verge of this "puberty" growth spurt.

Gold dragons are the most powerful of the dragon races, able to use magic at birth, and literally born knowing how to speak, and yes, he has the same breath weapons Tarrin did. He's just very, very small right now, easily fitting in an average campsite, or in large rooms. He was sent out as soon as he mastered learning how to shapeshift into a human form (another Gold ability), and was magically adapted so he'd change into a baby, and that baby would "grow" at a normal human rate. His dragon form still grows at the normal dragon pace, however.
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Re: while I wait for my check...again....

Post by Metatrone » Mon May 28, 2007 6:15 pm

Already can't wait for you to start it :D
Ahhh even now I can imagine the delightful chapters filled with tantalizing hints to keep us busy during the excruciating wait before the new chapter arrives :D

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Re: while I wait for my check...again....

Post by GloriousShamash » Mon May 28, 2007 7:12 pm


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Re: while I wait for my check...again....

Post by Priapus » Mon May 28, 2007 9:26 pm

WoW!!!! thats just brill!!!!
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Re: while I wait for my check...again....

Post by Andygal » Tue May 29, 2007 3:31 am

this looks like it's going to be very interesting, I can't wait!
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Re: while I wait for my check...again....

Post by Mizriath » Mon Jun 04, 2007 5:02 am

Anyone has any idea when the series starts? The fun part is also the frustrating part of waiting.

Fel has a way of putting trailers.... The standard trailers for movies is one month. I hope Fel is not going to put my sanity to test with 2 months.
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