Subjugation: Telepathic Range

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Subjugation: Telepathic Range

Post by Mark_Reed » Wed Apr 21, 2004 6:11 pm

Chapter 3- Symone explains why the Faey have a language to Tim and Jason
     When Im with other Faey, I tend to speak more than send, but thats because Im not as strong as most other women.  I guess I hide my inadequacy by not making it common knowledge.  But sometimes we do have to speak, she explained.  Most Faey women have a telapathic range of about three human miles, on the average.  Most men have a range of about a mile and a half.  Im not very strong at all, she admitted.  Barely stronger than the average man.  I have a range of about two miles.  The strongest have a range of like ten miles.  Some of the strongest men are stronger than I am, she admitted candidly.  So, if we want to communicate outside our range, we have to use a communicator.  Since no machine can receive and decipher telepathy, that means we have to use our voices.  Even though we can send, and it is more efficient, we still have a need for our voices and our language.
Chapter 3- Jyslin and Jason after their first night of lovemaking
     Jason, you have talent, she revealed.  And its not weak.  When I joined with your mind, I found it within you, bursting at the seams to be realized.
     What? he asked in shock.
     Youre a telepath, she told him evenly.  And a damn bloody strong one.  Youre as strong as I am, and Im considered in the top ten percent among Faey.
Chapter 6- Jason making a home in the wilderness
He swept the area around him with his gift, searching out other active minds, the very trick that Jyslin and Maya had once tried to use to find him, what seemed like a lifetime ago. Jason was a very strong telepath, and his ability to seek out and detect other sentient minds had a range of nearly a mile. He wouldnt be able to make out any thoughts, but hed know that they were there.
Jason is as strong as Jyslan, according to Jyslan's early estimate. He should be able to communicate telepathically with people from three miles away (probably more- Jyslan's not an 'average' Faey female, telepathically speaking) but he can only sense minds a mile away. Is this a continuity error? Symone used the phrase 'telepathic range' while talking about sending. Did she mean the range referred to sending only, or to telepathic abilities in general? Assuming she was talking about sending only, Jason would have the ability to send to a mind beyond his range of 'detection,' essentially talking to a person he doesn't even know is there. Odd.

Also, is the sending Symone is talking about a telepath only thing? Can you send to a non-telepath? Before Jason fully expressed his gift, I recall three different instances where someone spoke to his mind with varying effects. Jyslin spoke to him before and after she 'downloaded' the Faey language, and it didn't hurt him. Shortly after, one of the marines sent to him after he used a magnetic device to bind her breastplate to her hovercar. It was a painful experience. The third time someone (I forget who, but I *think* it was either Jyslin or Symone) spoke to him, and for some reason it didn't hurt. The reader isn't told, leaving me to wonder if the change was because the sender sent more 'softly' (or perhaps as they would to another telepath?) or if it was simply Jason's dormant gift slowly awakening, allowing him to become accustomed to mental communication.

Since Jason *was* gifted, dormant though the gift was at the time, it confuses the issue. I would *think* a telepath could send to a non-telepath, but the only examples we have of 'non-telepaths' (Jason and Tim) turned out to be gifted; we don't have any case of a non-telepath getting sent to. Then again, since nobody seemed surprised that Jason and Tim could hear the sendings, there must be a way for sending to affect them. The question then becomes, does talking to a non-telepath require a different 'form' of sending? And does it affect telepathic range?

Anyone have anything more solid than my rather befuddled supposition?

Post-script- I found this near the end of chapter 3. Jason and Jyslin.
     Why could I hear sending?
     Jason, sending is nothing but a broadcasted thought that people who are telepathically adept can hear, she answered.  Its what you might call thinking out loud.
Does that mean that the instances where Jason overheard sendings (the marine and the 'gentle' sending later on) were just people sending out, not actually expecting him to receive it?