question conserning the sword (spoiler - topic has ref ch8)

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Re: question conserning the sword (spoiler - topic has ref ch8)

Post by Fiferguy » Wed Feb 07, 2007 10:03 pm

Hearly wrote:
Fiferguy wrote:I think he's going to use it first to get rid of the Demon Lord and his minions... then destroy the firestaff and the sword at the same time. Or perhaps in the process of getting rid of the DL.
Heck, he shouldn't really need the sword at all, I mean he stood up to the One using only the Firestaff, the Firestaff by itself should be powerful enough to kill the Demon Lord.
Except with the sword he has access to ALL the Firestaff's power, not just what he can force the Firestaff to do. At least, I think that's the general consensus of the topic so far.

Actually, now that I think about it, he doesn't really NEED the sword or Firestaff to kill the Demon Lord.
In Chapter 17 of Sword of Fire, Fel wrote:The power that he could feel the mortal gathering was awesome, and with the rules of magic rewritten, she now had the power to do him real harm. His invulnerabilities were wiped away when the rules were changed, because the body he had created in this realm had been made before that change, and thus had no innate defense against this change in the order of magic. Her magical power, her Sorcery, it could kill him. And with him injured, he was not about to engage her in battle, because she was fully well and preparing to fight, and he was wounded and weakened.
If Dolanna has enough power as a Da'shar to kill the Demon Lord, for a Sui'kun of Tarrin's caliber it should be easy pickings. Or for that matter, any of the sorcerers on Pyrosia can circle and do it.

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Re: question conserning the sword (spoiler - topic has ref ch8)

Post by Lochar » Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:44 pm

Dolanna is acting as Niami at the moment. She is the Weave, which means she controls all of it's power. It'd take a Sui'kun taking her place or Dolanna to do it, because Dolanna will have learned to control all the magic of Pyrosia and a Sui'kun is used to being the focus of that much power.

Granted, a circle of any capibility could do some major damage as well, since all the demons on Pyrosia are basically physcially powerful magic casters. With no immunities to sorcery.

A powerful Circle could probably take out even Balor since they're all denied their basic demonic powers. Cut off magic flowing through the weave, stand back, and pelt 'em.
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