Is Tarrin Mortal?

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Re: Is Tarrin Mortal?

Post by Javna » Mon Dec 04, 2006 2:39 am

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Re: Is Tarrin Mortal?

Post by Stephen » Sat Dec 09, 2006 8:28 am

Fiferguy wrote: He's fixing a mess he started on Pyrosia. When he and Mist wounded the One, he made the One call up the Demon Lord. Stupid on the One's side, yes, but still caused by Tarrin and Mist. So Tarrin feels he has to stop it, since it's his fault. But after he's done with the One, he's probably just going to go home and raise Jal and Zyri, be with Mist till there time is up, then be with one of the others. In other words, just go home and live.
I never understood why Tarrin thinks 'This' is all his fault. Tarrin started out trying to help people, The ONE responded, Tarrin and the ONE fight to a temporary draw, The ONE decides to summon a Demon Lord - Not Tarrin - which makes a bigger mess but if Tarrin hadn't shown up in the first place then The ONE would have eventually turned into a Bodak? and a Demon Lord would have claimed Pyrosia anyway. This was just a little faster. But Tarrin didn't summon the Demon lord The One did and Tarrin is trying to fix The ONE's mess.

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Re: Is Tarrin Mortal?

Post by afrigeek » Sun Dec 10, 2006 12:50 am

just that sense of responsibility that probably ended up in his taking on duty as one of his spheres as a God. Remember that the destruction of Suld wasn't his fault as well, when he fought Val's shadow but he still felt it was his problem. I think it stems from his taking up duty as one of his spheres when the firestaff turned him into a god.
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Re: Is Tarrin Mortal?

Post by Andygal » Sun Dec 10, 2006 1:53 am

Tarrin has a very strong sense of duty and responsibility, since the One summoned the Demon Lord to try to kill him, he feels he needs to deal with it.

The reason duty was one of his spheres when he used the Firestaff is because he always had a strong sense of duty.

Maybe goes a bit far blaming himself for stuff, but thats that.