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by Viken
Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:46 am
Forum: Subjugation
Topic: Retribution, Chapter 11.
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Re: Retribution, Chapter 11.

Great chapter, thanks!
by Viken
Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:59 am
Forum: Subjugation
Topic: Retribution, Chapter 10.
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Re: Retribution, Chapter 10.

Holy steaming pile of !!!!.

Great chapter, a lot of foreboding. >.>'''

Fel is being mean again!
by Viken
Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:46 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Updatish.
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Re: Updatish.

@imthejman85: I've actually been thinking about that myself. Not so much the cloning, but actually combining his burgeoning shamantic-psionic power with their living-crystal tech in order to gain a type of immortality. Transferring not only memory and personality but also the soul into an everliving...
by Viken
Thu Mar 30, 2017 5:54 am
Forum: Subjugation
Topic: Conviction, chapter 12.
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Re: Conviction, chapter 12.

OMG, this chapter was AWESSSSSSSOME! Thanks, Fel!